“When Pups are the Best Cuddly Bedmates: A Heartwarming Shot of a Boy Sneaking to Sleep with His Dog”

After discovering that she was pregnant with Finn, Paige Knudtson adopted Brutus, a boxer, from a local rescue. Having grown up with boxers, Knudtson knew how gentle they could be, but she had no idea how much Brutus would mean to her baby. According to Knudtson, Brutus is a big teddy bear who loves cuddling and attention. During an anatomy scan, Finn was diagnosed with a severe heart defect, and he had to undergo several procedures and open-heart surgery after birth. However, thanks to early detection, Finn survived and returned home after seven weeks. When Brutus met his baby brother, he immediately felt a strong connection and has been by his side ever since, providing extra close monitoring.

They have an undeniable bond and are inseparable. Whether they’re lounging on the couch, frolicking outside, sharing a snack, or taking a snooze, they do it together. According to Knudtson, “Brutus has a habit of snuggling up next to Finn wherever he is in the house, and trails him from room to room. If Finn isn’t feeling well, Brutus knows it and stays close by his side, sometimes even laying his head on Finn’s chest.” The mere thought of being apart from Finn sends Brutus into a frenzy; he’ll scratch at doors and pace nervously until he’s reunited with his best bud.

The brothers have an aversion towards being alone, even during nighttime. During Finn’s infancy, the vigilant dog would sleep on the mat near his crib. As Finn has now made a transition to a toddler bed, they can comfortably cuddle together. The doting dog has shown a remarkable gesture of care by crawling into Finn’s bed every night since he started sleeping in his “big boy bed” about a month ago. According to Knudtson, it seems as if Brutus is lying beside him to prevent him from falling off the bed.

Finn’s loyal companion, Brutus, sticks to him like glue, even in uncomfortable situations. According to Knudtson, Finn moved from his bed to sleep on the floor, and Brutus followed suit and snuggled beside him. In fact, Finn now chooses to share Brutus’ dog bed rather than sleeping in his own after Knudtson placed it in Finn’s room.

The Knudtson family decided to capture their heartwarming nighttime ritual on a nanny cam. In the video, little Finn can be seen snuggling up to Brutus, the family dog, if he finds him asleep on the floor. The gentle giant doesn’t seem to mind being used as a pillow as long as his little buddy is comfortable. Check out the adorable video below:

According to Knudtson, Finn and Brutus are inseparable sleeping buddies. They spend every night together, be it in the dog bed, Finn’s bed, or on the floor. These two furry friends just can’t get enough of each other’s company!

Knudtson is absolutely thrilled that Finn has found a new buddy and defender in the form of Brutus, and he is eagerly looking forward to watching their bond strengthen as they both mature.

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