Unleash the Unbelievable: McLaren’s Gran Turismo Sport Concept Transcends Virtual Boundaries

It’s not uncommon for popular racing games to feature real-world famous cars. However, it appears that the roles are now reversed.

McLaren Automotive is taking inspiration from the virtual gaming world to create a new car model that was initially featured in Gran Turismo Sport. The highly popular McLaren Solus GT, which first made an appearance as a digital concept vehicle, will soon be available on roads around the globe. McLaren is thrilled to transform a concept car that was born on gaming screens into a real-life vehicle that exemplifies extreme track driving engagement. The experience that drivers will receive from the McLaren Solus GT will be just as exhilarating in reality as it was in the digital world.

The Solus GT is a rare gem that’s hard to come by, as it’s a bespoke model exclusively made for only 25 customers who have already reserved their units. This single-seater, enclosed track vehicle was revealed during the Monterey Car Week in California and boasts a weight of less than 1,000kg with exceptional aerodynamic performance that generates over 1,200kg of downforce. It’s engineered using McLaren’s extensive expertise in motorsport and supercar/hypercar design, making it a true driving machine.
The Solus GT is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that can produce about 840PS and 650Nm of torque. With a seven-speed sequential gearbox, the driving experience is comparable to that of an F1 car. Its speed capabilities are equally impressive, with a target time of 2.5 seconds for 0-100km/h acceleration and a maximum speed of over 200mph, making it a formidable track vehicle. In summary, the Solus GT is built primarily for speed and bound to deliver an unforgettable driving experience.

Similar to all McLarens produced after 1981, the Solus GT is constructed using a carbon-fibre monocoque and features chassis structures made from carbon fibre at both ends, with the engine and gearbox serving as the remaining parts of the chassis. The vehicle boasts an eye-catching exterior design that stays true to its virtual counterpart. Its design is based on established aerodynamic principles and has been further refined through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind-tunnel aerodynamic research.

The primary design features of this car include a movable canopy over the central seat, 18-inch forged aluminium wheels enveloped in aerodynamic pods, and a substantial front splitter. The intake above the cockpit, modelled after motorsport vehicles, is integrated into the roll hoop cover’s design and supplies cold air to the engine while providing an exhilarating induction noise. The rear of the car features a twin-element fixed rear wing that optimizes downforce to improve both straight-line speed and cornering ability.

Upon entering the car, drivers are welcomed with a cockpit-like interior reminiscent of a fighter jet. The steering wheel, which is exclusive to McLaren production vehicles, borrows from Formula 1 and has a dashboard display and vital controls that are tailored to the cramped confines of a single-seater track car.

McLaren is taking the Solus GT driving experience to the next level by providing customers with a complete ‘racing driver experience’. This includes a custom-fit driving seat, FIA-approved race suit, helmet, and HANS device tailored to each owner, and radio-equipped ear inserts. Additionally, customers can take advantage of a comprehensive driver development coaching program to fully maximize their new track hypercar’s potential and enjoy an exhilarating ride.

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