“Unconditional Love: A French Mastiff with Cancer Finds a Forever Home to Cherish Her Final Moments”

Mae, a five-year-old French mastiff, has faced many hardships in her life. Despite this, she is a very friendly dog who gets on well with everyone she meets. When she arrived at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, Mae was in a critical condition due to severe malnutrition. At the time, she weighed just 70 pounds.

Elizabeth Starck, who took in Mae as a foster pet, was shocked to learn that she had terminal cancer and only a few weeks left to live. Despite this, Elizabeth immediately developed a fondness for Mae and decided to care for her at home. Mae’s adorable features such as her soft and squishy face, coupled with her friendly demeanor, quickly made her a fan favorite. She has since become the rescue’s ambassador and regularly attends events to meet and greet her supporters.

Mae loves making new friends, but her love for food is unparalleled. Every single day, she devours a whopping 10 cans of wet dog food! When Starck announced that the shelter was running out of canned dog food, Mae was taken aback. However, to her delight, the shelter received an overwhelming response from supporters who donated over 700 cans of dog food and other contributions to help keep Mae well-fed.

It’s amazing to see how much love and support Mae and the rest of us have received. It’s so overwhelming that it brings tears to my eyes. Although Mae has been moving at a slower pace lately, she’s still incredibly grateful for any attention she receives. However, the most significant thing is that she still loves her food just as much as ever, as Starck pointed out.

When she’s not munching on food, she spends her time keeping a watchful eye on the foster cats. Every night, she pays them a visit and sits there, enamored by their playful activity. Whenever she spots them, her tail starts wagging in excitement. Starck mentioned that the feline companions have become such an obsession for her that she woke her up multiple times during the night just to check on them.

The darling little kid always stays close to her mom and shadows her every move. Although Mae clearly found her soulmate, Starck sealed the deal by legally adopting her in court. Starck happily announced that “Mae has officially become a part of my family, so she can spend her remaining days surrounded by her loved ones.” Judge Carmichael officiated the adoption ceremony.

Mae experiences both positive and negative days, but she consistently eats and trails her mother throughout the house. As long as she is alive, she will be showered with love. “Thanks to you, what started as a simple rescue for Mae has expanded into something beyond my imagination.”

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