The Touching Story of a Three-Legged Pup and Her Rescuers

The other day, Cassady Caldwell received a notification on Facebook that stopped her in her tracks. As the CEO of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), Caldwell was used to people reaching out about local animals in need, but this tagged post was different.

This time, Caldwell opened her phone to find a beautiful husky with heartbroken eyes and a severely injured leg. Clearly, the pup was in a dire situation and needed immediate attention.

Moments later, the husky, later named Consuela, was on her way to SRSL’s headquarters. When she got to the shelter, the vet team confirmed Caldwell’s fears about Consuela’s injury.

“She had something very tight wrappedaound her foot,” SRSL wrote on Facebook. “She has to have an emergency amputation.”

Consuela’s leg was beyond repair, but, thankfully, she had a supportive group of caregivers to help ease the pain.

“You’re going to feel so much better soon, and we promise you’re going to get around great on three legs,” SRSL wrote.

The sweet pup remained calm as SRSL’s vet team prepped her for her procedure. When she woke up from the surgery, she was one leg lighter and completely relieved.

Before her amputation, Consuela was in too much pain to really interact with her new friends. After her surgery, she couldn’t stop kissing them.

“[She] had her emergency leg amputation and is feeling so happy and pain-free!” SRSL wrote on Facebook. “She craves attention, so she must have felt so much more pain than physical pain.”

Consuela’s personality blossomed immediately after her procedure. For the rescuers who saved her life, there was nothing better than seeing her thrive now that she was no longer in pain.

“Consuela has such a beautiful soul!” SRSL wrote. “This girl is a gem.”

As much as SRSL’s volunteers loved being on the receiving end of Consuela’s kisses, they all knew she would heal better in the comfort of a home rather than the shelter. So, they decided to search for a foster family.

A week later, their wish for Consuela came true.

“This sweet soul is leaving our bustling shelter for a quiet, loving foster home where she will heal much quicker!” SRSL wrote on Facebook.

Consuela is still on the mend today, but, luckily, she has the best foster family to help her heal. Once she’s feeling better, Consuela can begin her hunt for a forever home.

Until then, SRSL is comforted knowing that the sweet pup is happier than ever and that the best is yet to come.

“She’s so thankful to be free of that torture,” SRSL wrote. “Her future is so bright!”

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