“The Futuristic Audi Activesphere Concept Teases an Innovative SUV for 2027”

Audi has introduced its latest electric concept car, the Activesphere, which belongs to the ‘sphere’ series and gives a sneak peek into the upcoming robust SUV.

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Audi is preparing for a major product launch, which will be the largest in its history. The company plans to introduce over 20 new models within the next three years. The upcoming addition of innovative electric cars will modernize the current line-up, and Audi has previewed one of these new EVs through the unveiling of the Activesphere concept. This vehicle is the latest in a series of ‘sphere’ concepts released by Audi, which includes the luxurious Grandsphere sedan, the sporty Skysphere roadster, and the Urbansphere electric MPV designed for urban areas. The Activesphere is a durable coupe-SUV with a high-riding stance, and it could potentially hit car showrooms as early as 2027.

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Audi is planning to introduce a robust SUV that will rival the Mercedes G-Glass and Land Rover Defender in the near future. According to Marc Lichte, Audi’s Head of Design, this vehicle could be known as the Activesphere. The company has a history of rallying triumphs, and they intend to create a sturdy SUV that does not imitate the Defender or G-Class. Visually distinctive from these models, the Activesphere boasts a slender four-door frame, a sleek roofline, and a tapered rear. This SUV marks a departure from Audi’s standard design concepts, with muscular haunches and clean surfacing driving its overall style.

Audi reʋeals wild Actiʋesphere concept - Autoмotiʋe Daily

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The Activesphere concept car measures 4.98 metres in length and has a low stance, complemented by robust tires and plastic body protection that indicate its off-road capabilities. However, with just a touch of a button, the vehicle’s air suspension system can be raised by up to 80mm, allowing it to effectively handle off-road driving challenges. The car’s approach and departure angles are impressive, measuring at 18.9 and 28.1 degrees respectively. As a protective measure against bumps and scrapes, additional body cladding emerges from the bumpers and sills when the car is lifted, but these features may not make it to production. On the other hand, the Activephere’s micro-LED lighting system, which offers two daytime running light signatures and a dynamic star-like effect, may be available in future showrooms.

Audi reʋeals wild Actiʋesphere concept - Autoмotiʋe Daily

One of the unique features of the Activesphere is its pick-up-style rear deck that can be deployed using motorized bodywork. This allows for carrying large items as the rear window pops out and slides over the roof, revealing a flat load space. A glass bulkhead separates the cargo from passengers, while a roof rack can be extended for additional storage. Despite its futuristic design, the Activesphere is based on Audi’s upcoming PPE platform for electric cars, indicating its potential for production. The car boasts a combined output of 436bhp and 720Nm of torque from its electric motors, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 4.9 seconds.

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The custom electric vehicle (EV) platform has impressive features such as the ability to rapidly charge with 270kW due to its 800-volt electrical system. The Activesphere’s battery pack has a capacity of 100 kWh which can provide more than 373 miles of range from one full charge. It only takes less than 25 minutes to charge the battery from 5% to 80%, and a quick 10-minute top-up can increase the range by more than 186 miles, according to the claims.

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The PPE platform has a battery that is built into its base, allowing for a spacious cabin layout and a flat floor. However, it’s unlikely that the Activesphere’s interior design, featuring cozy seating and a large front glass area, will be used in the final production model.

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However, there may be a possible direction for future Audi car technology. The Activephere has no physical displays or buttons within the vehicle and instead uses mixed-reality glasses to access various functions. These glasses utilize external cameras that display a live feed of the surroundings, with virtual controls appearing as holograms throughout the cabin. Users can interact with these controls by physically engaging with them through the glasses, such as adjusting the climate control or viewing a 3D map for navigation.

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Audi’s designers claim that the Activesphere system offers several advantages over traditional in-car technology. Unlike current models that have built-in displays and computing units that become outdated over time, the Activesphere allows for easy tech upgrades by simply purchasing a new headset.

Although automotive mixed-reality is not yet available to consumers, Audi envisions the Activesphere headsets becoming a popular choice for drivers, especially when level 4 autonomous driving becomes more widespread. In preparation for this, the Activesphere’s steering wheel can retract into the dashboard when automated driving systems are engaged.

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