“The Future of Nissan’s GT-R Remains Mysterious as 2022 Order Books Close in Japan”

Nissan has remained mum on the matter, leaving us uncertain if this marks the conclusion of the R35 model GT-R.

 Nissan Closes Order Books For 2022 GT-R In Japan, Remains Coy On R35’s Future

The 2022 GT-R is no longer available for orders in Japan, as Nissan has officially closed the order books.

In Japan, the GT-R was released for the 2022 model year specifically in T-spec and Nismo editions. These were also briefly offered in Australia before Nissan ceased selling them there. In the United States, both the GT-R Premium and GT-R Nismo were still available as 2021 models.

Nissan has announced on its Japanese website that the sales for the 2022 GT-R have officially closed as the number of orders received has surpassed the intended sales target.

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