“The Emotional Connection: How Lexus’s Human Heartbeat Car Honors Our Relationships”

Lexus has created a vehicle that syncs with the driver’s heartbeat, producing a mesmerizing light show that highlights the bond between the driver and the car.

Lexus has transformed a RC F coupe into a unique model named the ‘heartbeat car’ by using electro-luminescent paint technology. Unfortunately, this project is a one-off collaboration and won’t be available for general sale, which is disappointing news for car enthusiasts. Watch the video below for more information.

The goal of the joint venture involving M C Saatchi Australia’s creative technology division, Tricky Jigsaw, and Lexus Australia was to establish a link between the human body and the car. As depicted in the image, the car’s side panels illuminate, indicating that biometric technology was employed to represent the physical and emotional bond shared by man and machine while driving.

According to Ben Cooper, the innovation director at M C Saatchi, the conversation around cars is shifting from discussing top speeds to focusing on the emotional impact they have on us. The team at M C Saatchi built a car that measures how driving affects our heart rate, which took six months and began with testing on a closed track in southern New South Wales. Cooper said that they observed passengers’ heart rates increasing when a professional driver took them around a corner. The team then developed a wireless heartbeat monitor that sends the driver’s heartbeat to a control board in the rear of the car. An Arduino micro-controller takes the electrical pulse from the driver’s heart and uses it to trigger electro-luminescent paint to display the heartbeat in a pulsating pattern on the side panels of the car. This car is the world’s first to feature such technology.

The biometric technology incorporated into this model facilitates a portrayal of the physical and emotional bond between human and machine while driving. As seen in the image below, this car was tested on a track.

Lumilor, an American company, has created an innovative paint called electro-luminescent paint that contains special phosphorescent substances. This type of paint emits light, making it a unique and eye-catching feature. The process involves painting the car with the special substance, which is hidden from view during the day with a standard silver finish. However, when the car is in use, the technology powers up and creates a stunning, glowing effect. It’s like having a secret heart pulsing with potential hidden in your car.

The 13V battery is the main source of power for this system, and it has a neat feature of recharging itself when the vehicle’s engine is running. This technology has caught Cooper’s attention and he sees its potential in displaying different inputs. For instance, it could be customized to light up on one side during turning or signal acceleration through a specific sequence of lights.

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