“Scarlett Johansson Stays Active While Embracing Pregnancy: Works Out and Treats Herself to Afternoon Tea with Fiance Romain Dauriac”

While taking a break from filming the Avengers movie in London, Scarlett Johansson made sure she remained active by hitting the gym on Friday morning. Accompanied by her fiancé Romain Dauriac, the pregnant actress proudly showed off her baby bump as they walked towards the workout facility. The couple, who are anticipating their first child together soon, appeared very much in love as they playfully warmed up before starting their fitness routine.

Scarlett Johansson, who is currently expecting a child, was seen heading to the gym in London on Friday with her partner Romain Dauriac.

Staying Active: It was hard to miss the noticeable baby bump of the actress as she was spotted wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt while apparently trying to speed up her pace. The 38-year-old celebrity went makeup-free during her rainy outing, and both she and her partner kept their hoods up. Her expanding belly was emphasized by the grey sweatshirt she wore, complemented with simple grey leggings and a baseball cap. As the lovely couple walked, Romain playfully bounced along behind her while Scarlett seemed determined to keep moving.

Walking hand in hand, the duo held tight to each other as they strolled through the rain, making sure to keep their hoods securely over their heads.

The essential preliminary exercise: The duo, who announced their engagement in September of the previous year, seemed to engage in a light-hearted jog in unison.

With a huge smile on her face, the French man excitedly jumped behind his fiancé, Scarlett. Even though he wore a thick, brown bomber jacket, he appeared a little cold. Later, he opted for a lightweight sports jacket paired with shorts, leggings, and bright trainers. The 38-year-old got engaged to Scarlett in September last year. After all the jumping around, the couple treated themselves to a luxurious afternoon tea at the famous Wolseley hotel in London.

Expecting parents: Scarlett combined a cozy sweatshirt with a pair of lengthy grey leggings and a vibrant fluorescent yellow T-Shirt.

Humor seemed to be the order of the day for the couple as they strolled through the rain-soaked city, sharing a private joke that kept them entertained.

Casually walking down the street, Romain’s flashy sneakers stood out against his all-black leggings and shorts. They wisely decided to swing by their place to switch up their outfits. Scarlett emerged in a stylish two-toned jacket with leather sleeves and a crisp white top. The expectant mom sported short, strawberry-blonde hair and both she and Romain wore sleek glasses. As of late, Scarlett has expressed contentment in growing older and not always being confined to the Hollywood sℯx symbol stereotype.

In a casual setting, the soon-to-be parents, residing in Paris, were accompanied by a male companion during their exercise routine.

Scarlett ditched the makeup and went for a natural look by opting not to apply any cosmetics, and instead threw on an Avengers baseball cap.

While working on their latest project, the two individuals seemingly took a break by indulging in some afternoon tea at the Wolseley hotel in the city. According to The Weekend Australian, the star of The Avengers shared that she no longer wants to be confined to a particular type of role. As she gets older and resides in Paris, she expressed a desire to move away from always portraying the ingenue. Though enjoying the occasional glamor is pleasant, she doesn’t always want to be perceived as trendy and desirable.

Scarlett made a stylish appearance donning a jacket that had a unique combination of two colors. The leather sleeves added a sophisticated touch to the overall look. She paired it with a simple white top to complete the outfit.

During their free time, the main actress of Her and her partner Romain donned spectacles with dark frames. The expectant mother also flaunted her cute, cropped strawberry-blonde hair.

Feeling nostalgic for France? Romain seemed to be feeling the cold as he chose a stylish khaki bomber jacket.

Scarlett, who is expecting a baby, shared that she is embracing getting older and no longer being solely viewed as a Hollywood sℯx symbol.

According to The Weekend Australian, the actress from The Avengers claimed that she has no intention of being confined to playing the same role for an extended period.

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