Riding in Style: My Adventure in Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley.

It’s surprising how a wealthy celebrity like Paris, who is famous for frequently changing cars, could get so emotionally attached to one. It’s also unexpected that a grown woman in her 40s would still be obsessed with Barbie dolls, but that’s just how Paris is. As her sister Nicky notes, Paris has always done things her way, and her love for all things pink is a clear example of that.

The recent issue of Tatler magazine, dated May 2021, features none other than Paris Hilton as its cover girl. Interestingly, the magazine reveals that Paris still owns her iconic pink Bentley. Although it’s unclear whether this is the same car she purchased for a whopping $220,000 in 2008-2009 and had customized by none other than West Coast Customs, it’s hard to imagine that there could be another one like it.

Paris has always been a huge fan of all things Barbie, including pink cars, which is why she decided to purchase the pink Bentley Continental GT. However, she soon realized that this wasn’t enough and wanted to make it even more personalized. So, she had customizations done by West Coast Customs, which cost her an additional $280,000, according to media reports.

The final result was nothing short of a fairy tale dream come true- something straight out of a Barbie slash Hello Kitty cartoon. The car features pink wheels with Paris’ initials in rhinestones, pink over black interior, a custom diamante-encrusted dashboard, rhinestones on the gear shifter, and the PH logo scattered throughout, also in diamante.

The worth of the car is estimated to be around $500,000 which is a significant amount. Even if Paris Hilton didn’t have any emotional connection with the vehicle, its value alone would have been enough to make her keep it. It’s heartening to see that even someone like Paris Hilton, who epitomizes consumerism, can develop an attachment to a car. Despite the flashy exterior of the Bentley Continental GT, it is a well-built car that deserves such attachment.

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