“Resilient ‘Bait’ Dog Find Love and a Forever Home Despite Losing Her Ears”

The dog in question is always wagging her tail, creating a drumming sound on the wooden floors. She is, without a doubt, the happiest dog ever encountered by her owner. The story of how she found her forever home is touching. Four years ago, a police officer in Phoenix, Arizona, came across a pit bull wandering the streets, gravely injured and on the brink of death. Jeannette, the woman who would later adopt the dog, was shocked at the emaciated state of the animal and how it was riddled with ticks. The dog was so filthy that the officer mistook her brown coat for dirt. The poor creature was also swollen and scarred, leading the officer to believe that she was blind.

Calista the pit bull

Jeannette G. found Calista, a dog who had been left on the streets. Sadly, it was evident that Calista had been a victim of dogfighting as her ears were missing and she had bite wounds. Jeannette reported that one of Calista’s ear flaps was entirely severed, and the other was in a state of decay and couldn’t be preserved.

Pit bull with injured ears

Jeannette G. shared a heartwarming story where a dog was rescued by the police and taken to a shelter. Mayday Pit Bull Rescue volunteers contacted Jeannette and her husband to foster the dog. Without any hesitation, they agreed and picked her up from the shelter, taking her straight to the emergency veterinarian for care.

Calista the pit bull with injured ears

According to Jeannette G., the veterinary team made an effort to save the dog’s life, but they had doubts about her survival. She had contracted various tick-borne diseases and was anemic, making her condition worse. The rescue group who found her claimed that she was in the worst state they had ever witnessed. Jeannette described the dog’s odor as being similar to death which was quite appalling. In spite of the multiple health complications, the canine managed to cling onto life.

Woman cuddling injured pit bull

Jeannette G. recounted the harrowing experience of rescuing a terrified dog who had been severely abused. Despite having every reason to be angry, the dog displayed a glimmer of hope in her eyes. This inspired Jeannette and her husband to feel both furious and upset at the perpetrator’s actions, but also amazed at the dog’s forgiving nature. Although the dog would need to remain at the vet’s office for an extended period, the couple decided to give her a name before leaving her there. They chose to name her Calista, meaning ‘most beautiful,’ as a way to honor her resilience and strength.

Injured pit bull resting in bed

Jeannette G. was amazed when Calista managed to make it through the night. Her survival continued for several more days, much to everyone’s surprise. Jeannette and her spouse made it a point to visit Calista every day without fail. Their intention was to establish a strong connection with her and ensure that she felt a sense of stability in her life. The rescue team also paid regular visits to Calista, providing her with ample opportunities to interact with people.

Woman hugging injured pit bull

Jeannette G. took care of Calista, a dog who underwent serious medical attention and reconstructive surgeries, until she was well enough to go home after a week. Initially, Jeannette and her husband only agreed to foster Calista as they already had another dog named Zazu, and did not feel ready to adopt another pet. However, when the opportunity for adoption arose a few months later, Jeannette’s perspective changed, and she decided to make Calista a permanent member of their family.

Calista the rescued pit bull

According to Jeannette G., when they first took in their foster child, everyone joked that she would end up staying with them. However, Jeannette was adamant that the child was only there temporarily. But as soon as the child became available for adoption, Jeannette changed her mind and decided that the child was not going anywhere. Now, Jeannette cannot imagine the child being anywhere else except with their family. She believes that it took some time for them to emotionally accept that they were ready to make the child a permanent part of their family.

Jeannette G. shared that Calista formed a strong bond with their dog, Zazu. Zazu played an important role in Calista’s life by teaching her how to be a dog. Calista was initially scared of everything and didn’t know how to play, but watching Zazu helped her overcome those fears.

Rescued dogs cuddling together

Jeannette G shared an adorable picture of Calista cuddling with Zazu. Despite her current health issues and ongoing treatment for mast cell cancer, Calista remains a happy and joyful dog. Her love for life, food, people, and other animals is unmatched, and Jeannette describes her as an amazing soul. Although she sometimes experiences fear due to her past experiences, she has managed to overcome most of it.

Rescued pit bull smiling

According to Jeannette G., her furry friend is quite famous for her tail drumming and constant wagging. Their house has wooden floors, which makes the drumming sound even more prominent. Jeannette claims that her dog is the most cheerful pooch she has ever come across.

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