Mesmerizing Trees with Uniquely Bizarre Shapes

During the events of World War II, the small village of lupków in Poland was almost completely destroyed. Today, only a few remnants of this small settlement remain, including the foundation of a church, a bell tower, and an abandoned cemetery. Unattended for decades, these markers have been reclaimed by nature in some amazing ways. One of the most interesting among them is a sculpture of Jesus that has been absorbed into the trunk of a tree.

Its distinctive style and pose suggest that this small, black statuette used to be a standard depiction of Jesus on the cross. However, the surrounding forest has slowly taken over this small piece, leaving only the head, torso, and thighs visible to the viewer. Nearby, wooden crosses that were used to indicate graves have also merged with trees, and headstones are camouflaged in moss and tall leaves. The last people to be buried at this lost cemetery were soldiers who fought in WWII.

Scroll down to see more haunting images of the earth reclaiming headstones, sculptures, and iconography.

In lupków, Poland, a sculpture of Jesus is being slowly absorbed by a tree.

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This small village was almost completely destroyed during WWII, and only the remnants of a church, bell tower, and cemetery remain.

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