Kitten Scoots Over to Doting Dog and Rubs Up Against Her After Being Found Outside

A kitten scooted over to a doting dog and rubbed up against her after he was found outside.

dog kitten special hugs

Cinder the dog and Bridger the kitten

Earlier this year, a kitten was found outside a store in Anchorage, AK, cold and unable to move his hind legs. He was brought into Anchorage Animal Care and Control and immediately taken to be treated.

The tabby quickly perked up and warmed up to the veterinary staff. “He showed everyone his amazingly resilient spirit, though his back legs/hips were still not working properly,” Shannon Basner, founder of Mojo’s Hope, shared with Love Meow.

Mojo’s Hope, a rescue for animals with special needs based in AK, took the kitten named Bridger under their wing.

tabby kitten found

Bridger was found outside, cold and unable to move

When Bridger came to VCA Alaska Pet Care, he was kept comfortable with a soft, warming blanket while the vet techs, Emma and Toni, showered him with pets.

“The X-rays showed there wasn’t any damage to his spine and his body showed a nice response to the laser treatment,” Shannon told Love Meow. “We felt his hind paralysis may be due to a nutritional deficit or a possible infection.”

happy special kitten Bridger

He was given a second chance and quickly perked up

Despite it all, Bridger continued to be a ray of sunshine and just wanted attention. Back home, he curled up deeply in the nook of Shannon’s neck for some intense snuggles. He was on cloud nine, kneading and purring up a storm.

“With a more consistent schedule along with high quality food and regular laser treatment, he has gotten so much stronger.”

playful kitten scoots

He loves to play and scoot around the house

Bridger may never have full mobility and will need continuous assistance and support for toileting, but he doesn’t let anything stop him from having fun and loving life.

When he was introduced to the rest of the fur crew at Mojo’s Hope, he was instantly smitten with everyone, especially Cinder the dog.

happy sitting tabby cat

“He has inspirational foster buddies like HarPURR (who is also paralyzed in his hindquarters) to show him the ropes, how to live in the moment and have as much fun as possible,” Shannon told Love Meow.

Watch Bridger and his journey in this cute video:

“Bridger is purring all of the time, loves to be snuggled by people, his kitty friends, and of course, Cinder, our amazing husky mama.”

dog kitten snuggling

It was love at first sight when Bridger met Cinder

It was love at first sight for Bridger when he met the sweet husky. He couldn’t get enough of her attention and would vie for her constant snuggles.

“Cinder has grown to adore him. She never ceases to amaze us with her instinctual care she provides for each of our rescues.”

kitten husky dog sweet

Bridger adores his doting canine mama

“She is patient, loving, and she is soaking in all the love that Bridger wants to share with her. It melts our hearts each and every time.”

Bridger has a busy body and just wants to explore and play to his heart’s content. When he tires himself out, he will conk out for a deep cat nap.

cat dog snuggles

Cinder loves her foster baby Bridger

He enjoys zooming around with his foster kitty brothers, HarPURR, Kane and Baggie, playing with tunnels, crinkly balls, feathers, the list is endless.

“Bridger finds joy in every moment and this is why I am so passionate about these precious cats. They have such a beautiful perspective on life and teach us so much each and every day,” Shannon shared.

kitten special cats

Bridger has befriended other cats at Mojo’s Hope, HaPURR, Kane and Baggie

dog cat snuggles bridger

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