Is the Toyota Supra a Practical Shooting Brake or just Overstyled?

It would have been great to see a Shooting Brake variant of the A90 Toyota Supra as part of its lineup.

The content contains self-made renderings that are not associated with or supported by Toyota. Many people criticize the A90-generation Toyota Supra by claiming that it lacks the essence of a true Toyota car due to its significant use of BMW components, and it doesn’t live up to the legendary Supra name. Despite these objections, we still believe that it is an impressive sports car capable of delivering an enjoyable driving experience.

The Supra has been criticized for its cramped cabin and lack of storage space, and we share this sentiment. A potential solution to this problem could be a Shooting Brake variant. If it were to resemble this design, we believe Toyota would have a difficult time keeping up with the demand.

Sugar Design, known for their innovative work in transforming cars into shooting brakes, has released stunning renderings of the Supra. The designer kept the front portion of the car intact and extended the roofline to create a unique look, inspired by BMW’s Concept Touring Coupe. This redesign also involved changing the shape and size of the side windows. The rear of the car features a rooftop spoiler, a more upright rear window, and a smaller lip spoiler on the decklid, making it markedly different from the current Supra model. These renderings are a testament to Sugar Design’s creativity and their ability to transform cars into something truly remarkable.

We’ve had reservations about the A90 Supra’s design for some time now. It seems a bit too busy, with too many fake intakes, lines, and creases. In general, it feels overdone. However, we think it would be an excellent-looking sports car if some of the bodywork was streamlined, especially the excessive line that starts near the doors’ base and transforms into the rear fenders. We are particularly fond of the Shooting Brake version, which looks even better with simplified bodywork.

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