Gaze Upon the Mighty Lamborghini LMXX2: A Roaming Beast of the Desert

The hypercar, which is typically known for its smooth and polished appearance, has now been fitted with enormous treads that protrude prominently like sharp spikes.

Lamborghini concept by hritzkrieg

An innovative designer has transformed the Lamborghini Sian into a monstrous off-road vehicle that can conquer any terrain. Gone are the days of smooth, streamlined curves as the car is now equipped with colossal treads that resemble menacing spikes. Prepare to experience the ultimate thrill with this dune-bashing demon.

Lamborghini concept by Hritzkrieg

Michael Hritz, the mastermind behind the design, revealed that his creation was a hasty effort to meet the deadline for an Instagram competition organized by AGP Contest. The contest only provided three keywords – ‘desert, Lamborghini, and future’ – for all the participants to use in their designs. Hritz, who had driven on sand dunes and experienced an RWD Diablo, knew that the car needed robust traction to maneuver in desert terrain. Consequently, he envisioned the car as a tank. Taking inspiration from his experiences, Hritzkrieg set to work and created a rough design on his Oculus Quest 2 within an hour.

Lamborghini concept by Hritzkrieg

According to Hritzkrieg, the Lamborghini prototype was not hastily put together. Each component was meticulously designed for optimal performance. To enhance aerodynamics, he ensured that the tracks were angled flawlessly. The canopy was also crafted with an abundance of glass to prevent the driver from feeling trapped by the towering tracks. Additionally, Hritzkrieg constructed the tracks to be heavier than the tires, allowing the driver to adjust their trajectory while airborne. It is essential to note that this vehicle is intended for high-speed dune traversing.

concept design by Hritzkrieg

Concept design by Hritzkrieg

Although the Lamborghini concept design is undeniably impressive, Hritzkrieg acknowledged that it could pose difficulties in actual production. He humorously commented, “I know the engineers who see this are probably having nightmares about the potential warranty claims.” The Lamborghini LMXX2, an off-road version of the iconic car, is just one of several extraordinary designs that Hritzkrieg has created. To see them all, feel free to visit his page!

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