From Ink to Success: Emily Sullivan’s Tale of Being a Tattooed Trailblazer in the Business World

I had a brief yet engaging conversation with a prominent influencer and content creator from Montana. She seems to have a strong affection for the patchwork style and even went as far as getting a tattoo dedicated to her father, which is quite noticeable.

Hey there, Emily! Before we dive into the topic of tattoos, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself? As for me, I’m a content creator living in Bozeman, Montana. Initially, creating content and being an “influencer” was just a fun hobby for me, but now I’ve come to realize that I can actually make a career out of it by monetizing my content.

Have you ever had to wait a while before getting your first tattoo? My experience was when I was 17, I finally got my floral wrap-around tattoo on my right arm. It was a memorable moment because my mom and I decided to get similar tattoos dedicated to my grandma. Following that, I got a few more tattoos sporadically over time. But, after ending a long-term relationship, I found myself getting new tattoos almost every week, sometimes even two in one week!

Have you ever considered the meaning behind your tattoos, or were they just impulsive decisions? Personally, I haven’t given much contemplation to the tattoos adorning my skin. (grinning)

You seem to have quite a collection of little Black ‘n’ Grey tattoos on your body. While some ladies prefer larger pieces or sleeves, you’ve opted for a patchwork style with several small and intricate designs. What inspired this choice?

Well, I went with the patchwork style because I didn’t want to be limited to a particular theme. By having various smaller tattoos, I can really get anything I want inked on my body. Plus, this approach prevents me from running out of space too quickly.

People often ask me why 1969 is such a significant year for me, which is also the tattoo I proudly display on my belly. Most assume I was born in that year, and some even compliment me on looking great for my age (which makes me chuckle). But the real reason behind my tattoo is to honor my beloved dad, who was born that year. He holds a special place in my heart, and I wanted to express my gratitude for all he means to me.

Can you share the names of your preferred tattoo artists? Surprisingly, I’ve only been inked by a few individuals. My go-to artist is Baker (IG: @bakerbakerbakerr) from ‘East Main Ink’ located in Bozeman, Montana. He’s incredibly talented, and I doubt I’ll ever switch to someone else.

Do you have a tattoo on your right thigh that boldly states ‘Business Woman’? While it certainly conveys a clear message, is it truly the best way to define yourself? Personally, I’m not quite sure if I am a true ‘Business Woman’ just yet, but I got the tattoo as a symbol of my aspirations and what I hope to achieve in the future.

As we come to the end of our conversation, what would be your final parting words? Thanks a lot and don’t forget to take care!

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