From Abandoned to Adored: The Story of Coronel’s Rescue and Royal Reign.

Coronel was afflicted with TVT and he was in a severe state of decline. He stood outside his supposed home, hoping that his family would come to his aid. However, his family never came to his rescue and he was on the brink of death. Fortunately, he was saved on time and entrusted to a new set of owners. Coronel had deep affection for his family, but they abandoned him when he needed them the most. Despite his hopes of reconciliation, his health continued to deteriorate until a foundation intervened and helped him find a new loving family.

Coronel was on the brink of death outside his own residence. Maber, the president of Caninos 911, AC Foundation, received a distressing report about a dog in Villahermosa, Mexico. The dog was suffering from TVT, severely bleeding, and in a terrible state. He was on the verge of passing away, but his time had not yet come. Despite being neglected by his family and shunned by his neighbors, the faithful dog remained devoted to them. They fed him, but never bothered to learn more about him until some kind-hearted individuals rescued him from his dire situation.

My heart broke when I heard that he had a family who abandoned him on the street after he fell ill. Maber explained that upon evaluation, it was discovered that he had severe TVT. However, with proper care and treatment, he slowly began to recover. Despite his past trauma, the dedicated carers showered him with love and attention as if he were their own child. It’s amazing how much a little care and affection can do for a damaged and unhappy dog like him.

The man underwent a lengthy therapy and his doctors accompanied him during chemotherapy sessions, resulting in significant improvement. Notably, his demeanor shifted from being depressed to being the opposite. Coronel was fortunate to have an ideal family. He successfully conquered his ailment after enduring considerable pain, and he was elated to start anew with a healthy heart. Eventually, his longing for a suitable family was fulfilled when he met his perfect match. The moment he laid eyes on them, his agony vanished, as if they were meant to be together.

Currently, he enjoys a life brimming with affection and tenderness. His loved ones accompany him on adventures and have taught him how to swim. He is the center of attention within his family, and it’s rare for him to go a day without being showered with hugs and kisses.

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