“Feline Freeloader: Stray Cat Invites Himself into a Home and Finds Plenty of Snuggle Buddies”

One fine day, a feline sat outside a house and made up his mind to make it his new abode. Presently, he has an abundance of items to snuggle with.

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Stefany and her mom are animal lovers in Canada who work with Chatons Orphelins Montreal to help stray cats. They provide them with medical care, sterilization, and try to find them loving homes. Many feral cats seek their yard as a safe haven, but one day, they noticed a new cat lurking in the distance, observing the feeding area. The shy feline waited until Stefany left before making its move.

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The feline made an appearance outside a residence, in search of a meal. According to Celine Crom from Chatons Orphelins Montreal, the cat indulged in a hearty meal and kept visiting for more. Gradually, he grew more confident and relaxed around his food source. With the arrival of harsh winter weather, the feline returned with a new strategy in mind.

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One day, the cat made a big decision to move from the yard to indoors, and he never looked back. He waited patiently in the yard until Stefany came out with his food. As soon as she opened the glass door, the cat confidently walked straight into the kitchen and threw himself at her feet. Surprisingly, he didn’t try to run away.
Stefany was delighted that the cat accepted her affection and picked him up to cradle him in her arms. She assigned him a room equipped with a comfortable bed, a litter box, and an abundance of food. Contentedly, he ate his fill before settling down in his new crib and falling fast asleep.

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Oscar, a feline with scars from frostbite on his ears, had a lump in his neck that needed medical attention. Luckily, he was brought to a foster home where he could heal. Despite his tough exterior, it was evident that he craved affection and attention. According to Celine, one of his rescuers, Oscar displayed immense gratitude towards them and would often snuggle up to them.

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Oscar was gifted various cuddly toys to keep him company, but Stefany noticed a lump on his neck. After examination, it was discovered that Oscar had a cyst, likely caused by an old injury. Surgery was performed to remove the mass, and Oscar began his recovery journey in a foster home under the care of volunteer Gabrielle. To protect his stitches, he wore either a neck scarf or sweater.

cat oscar snuggly frog

During his recovery, he was given various snuggle companions to keep him company. His favorite cuddle buddies were a frog and a tweety bird whom he would sleep next to. Initially, he slept for most of the day, but as he began to heal, he became increasingly interested in his surroundings and sought attention from those around him.

oscar cat playing

Oscar’s ultimate happiness is derived from receiving affectionate embraces and snuggles from his owners. He would eagerly rub his head against their palms as a way of requesting for hugs.
“Gabi generously smothered him with loads of warm cuddles.”

cuddly cat oscar

There’s nothing that brings Oscar more joy than getting some snuggle time. He spent some time in a foster home before a family took him in and gave him all the love he deserves. Now, he’s living the dream with a happy home and people to cuddle with forever.

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Oscar has finally landed in a permanent home where he is showered with infinite snuggles from his adoring owners. Moreover, he gets to spend quality time with his furry buddies every single day.

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