Experience the Thrilling Performance: See the Electrifying Supercar’s Incredible Jump and Unbelievable Three-Wheel Maneuver

Observe a fresh electric supercar jump and maintain its momentum despite the absence of a single wheel.

Kонкурент на Tesla от Китай показа суперкола, която може да балансира на 3  гуми, да танцува и да подскача - kaldata.coм

One of the biggest electric vehicle producers globally is BYD, which is currently making significant strides in China despite facing stiff competition from Tesla and other competitors. To maintain its dominance in the industry, BYD has unveiled a new range of active chassis and suspension technologies that have remarkable abilities surpassing the usual motion standards.

Luxury cars have often showcased innovative suspension technology, with the Citroën DS’s hydraulic system being one well-known example. Another example is the electromagnetic suspension that Bose developed for a Lexus, which allowed the car to clear obstacles with ease. However, these were not supercars. The latest innovation in suspension technology from BYD promises to take stunts to a new level, as demonstrated in the stage demos and videos released recently.

The initial video showcases BYD’s Yangwang U9 supercar, which was displayed on stage performing a remarkable jump using its unique Disus-X suspension setup. This suspension system provides superior control over the vehicle’s lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movements, without the need for any external boosters or air canons. BYD has classified this suspension system into three different categories, namely the Intelligent Damping Body Control System (Disus-C), the Intelligent Air Body Control System (Disus-A), and the Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (Disus-P). However, the company’s current press release lacks further information on this innovative technology.

BYD's new supercar can juмp (Ƅut not in the way you мight expect) | Top Gear

BYD Global showcased the Disus-X suspension system’s capabilities through a video on their Twitter account. The footage showed the U9 vehicle rolling along without its front right wheel, demonstrating the suspension’s ability to keep the car level. This feature can come in handy during emergencies, allowing drivers to safely make it to a tire shop. The video highlights the suspension’s control over every corner of the car, making it suitable for uneven or rough terrain. Moreover, it can enhance the accuracy of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in controlling the vehicle without human intervention.

Apart from showcasing its new Disus technology through daring and unrealistic stunts, BYD claims that the system is designed to decrease the likelihood of vehicle rollover and minimize the displacement of occupants during high-speed turns, quick acceleration, or sudden braking. However, the company’s focus on performing thrilling stunts makes the hopping car more captivating.

Watch BYD YangWang U9 EV Supercar Driʋe On Three Wheels, Juмp Off The Ground

Watch BYD YangWang U9 EV Supercar Driʋe On Three Wheels, Juмp Off The Ground

Tesla's Ƅiggest Chinese riʋal showed off a supercar that can Ƅalance on 3  wheels, dance, and juмp off the ground

Video: BYD's electric supercar can juмp on the spot, driʋe on three wheels  - Driʋe

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