Deaf Kitten’s Boundless Adventures

A deaf kitten who has a wobbly walk, goes everywhere she wants like a champ.

calico kitten cute

A 6-week-old kitten arrived at Chatons Orphelins Montreal for a Chance at a better life. “She came from a litter brought into an animal shelter. She was the only kitten that had a neurological disorder (cerebellar hypoplasia),” the rescue shared.

The kitten was very thin and a bit wobbly, but so inquisitive, constantly checking out the worldaound her. “We took her into our care and named her Nafnaf. She was immediately a whole character.”

The calico was purring up a storm in her carrier while being transported to her foster home. “She could hardly wait to explore her new space.”

calico kitten wobbly

She was thin and wobbly but very curious

“Nafnaf has some mobility issues and has to work harder to balance herself, but other than that she’s just like any other kitten.”

Soon, they noticed that she only reacted to visual cues. A vet visit confirmed that the calico was deaf. “She hears nothing even when there are dogs barking or a doorbell ringing.”

calico kitten wobbly

They discovered that she was also deaf

“She is always lively and super curious. She tries to investigate everything around her as soon as she arrives in a new place.”

After settling down in her foster home, Nafnaf started playing, claiming every blanket she sat on, and zooming around the place like she owned it.

cute calico loafing

“She is so playful and mischievous even though she is wobbly. She can climb the sofa and beds without any problem.”

Nafnaf is a bit clumsy when she walks, but that doesn’t stop her from getting anywhere she desires.

napping on couch kitten

She doesn’t let anything stop her from having fun

“If you leave your closet open, she will sneak in to probe around. If there is a box on the floor, she will jump in to check it out. Nafnaf the corporal will inspect everything.”

The calico likes to announce herself with the loudest meows that everyone in the house can hear.

calico kitten holds hands

She enjoys the company of her people

“She walks from room to room to see what is happening, since she does not hear anything. When she looks for us, she meows as if she were lost, and as soon as she sees us, she comes cooing.”

Nafnaf is the happiest girl when she is around her people.

cute calico kitten

Celest, a foster kitten around the same age, became fast friends with Nafnaf. They spent ample time together playing and napping in the same bed.

Nafnaf was the braver, more curious of the two. Celest enjoyed watching her play and tried to mimic her.

cat friends cute

Nafnaf and Celest

With Celest and the other house cats around, Nafnaf was motivated to play and exercise, and she never had a dull moment.

When she tired out, she would gladly curl up next to one of her feline friends and fall soundly asleep.

snuggly kitten friends sleeping

“She will purr like an engine as soon as you touch her, and she never sleeps alone. She will put her paws on us when she is hungry or if she wants us to help get her somewhere high.”

“Even with her wobbles, she manages it very well. She will jump and even leap to catch moving toys.”

playful wobbly kitten

She is very playful and tries to catch anything that moves

Nafnaf has been adopted into a wonderful home. She now supervises everyone in her household, wobbling from room to room, announcing herself in the cutest way possible.

cute calico wobbly kitten

She’s found her forever home

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