Cats Gather to Give Love to Rescued Kitten”

Cats snuck into a room to hang out with a kitten and keep her company, after she had been rescued from the road.

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A little tortoiseshell was rushed to an emergency vet clinic after she had been found in a car accident. The kitten had a misaligned jaw, a fractured leg along with other injuries and health issues.

Despite it all, she was in good spirits and had so much fight in her. Her leg was wrapped up to help the bone mend. She was also given fluids and meds, and took it all in stride.

Alley Cat Rescue took her into their care and lovingly named her Butterscotch.

kitten tortie rescued road

Butterscotch was ensconced in her comfy, quiet space and being cared for by a dedicated foster volunteer.

Besides her fractured front leg, she was also treated for an upper respiratory infection and some stomach issues. “After treatment, she was eating recovery food which was a good sign that she was already feeling better,” Alley Cat Rescue shared.

tortie kitten injured leg

The weather had been freezing cold outside, but thankfully Butterscotch was in a safe place now and on the mend. She quickly adjusted to the cushy indoor life and started seeking affection from her foster carer.

While Butterscotch was healing in her own space, other foster kitties in the house took notice of the new scents and meows.

tortie kitten healing foster

Four rambunctious tabby cats caught wind of the new kitten, and grew increasingly intrigued by the little tortie each day.

After finding out which room she resided in, they plotted their next antic to meet her. The dark tabby managed to open the room door one day, and all four just sauntered right in.

cats snuggly kitten

Four tabby cats broke into Butterscotch’s room and they decided to hang out together

Butterscotch had been in recovery alone with the company of her caretaker. When she saw the cats barging in, she was beyond happy. “She was very pleased that the tabby boys broke into her little space,” Alley Cat Rescue said.

“She immediately cuddled up with them and hung out all day. They looked very pleased with themselves too.”

kitten cat snuggling

Butterscotch immediately started cuddling with her new friends

Butterscotch wanted to snuggle with at least one of her feline friends at all times, and the tabby boys happily obliged. They took turns to shower her with love and keep her company.

The tabbies were very gentle with the tortie as if they knew she needed some extra TLC. “She was on restricted movement with her leg all wrapped up.”

cat kitten friends

Figgy decided he would stay overnight with Butterscotch to keep her company

When three of the cats returned to their own turf, Figgy decided to stick around and have a sleepover with Butterscotch. “She was lonely, so it’s good that she has friends.”

With the help of a few feline buddies, Butterscotch made a full recovery and was spayed this week.

tortie kitten happy

Butterscotch has healed up beautifully

“After a couple months of medical treatment and foster care, we were able to get her adopted. From an injured kitten to a spunky, healthy family member,” Alley cat Rescue shared.

“Her leg healed beautifully, and she has a wonderful family with amazing siblings with one of our best fosters. What more could a kitty ask for?”

tortie kitten happy chair

She’s found her forever loving home

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