45 Strikingly Beautiful Chest Tattoos For Women

Chest tattoos have been overlooked due to their low visibility. And the bold and outrageous designs had long been the mainstream. As a result, they were considered exclusive to men.

However, recently, more women are getting elegant and feminine chest tattoos, proving they can be a beautiful embellishment for girls too.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of chest tattoo designs available. They can be discreet, small, or bold, based on personal preference. From a delicate floral pattern to a powerful symbol, chest tattoos are becoming more and more versatile.

If you want to showcase your confidence and identity, this post is for you. With options ranging from small to large, simple to elaborate, these chest tattoos for women can empower you to take ownership of your body.

Disclaimer: This collection of chest tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Beautiful chest tattoos for women with meanings explained

Small and simple chest tattoos for women

As striking and over-the-top as they can be, chest tattoos for women can also be dainty and subtle. Whether it’s a tiny symbol or a meaningful word, the following small chest tattoos will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the skin.

One-word chest tattoo

One-word chest tattoo for women by @giuliinklab

One-word tattoos are perfect for those who want a simple yet powerful statement on their skin. They can carry personal meaning or reflect the wearer’s life mottos.

These tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and come in various sizes, making them a versatile and timeless tattoo design. This tiny chest tattoo is a great example of a simple script that can significantly impact.

Small symbols on the cleavage

Small symbols on the chest tattoo by @edgomz

Between-the-boobs tattoos, also known as cleavage tattoos, are enticing and seductive due to their private placement.

If you want to decorate this area with a delicate design, these tiny symbols are an excellent option. They are sleek and simple, yet their meanings are often lesser-known, making them a subtle piece of art on the body.

Small middle chest flower tattoo

Small middle chest flower tattoo by @pratstattoo

When it comes to chest tattoos for women, floral designs are trendy. Flower tattoos are incredibly versatile, and they look stunning, whether they are big or small.

Each flower carries its own symbolism, so it’s easy to find one that relates to you both mentally and aesthetically. So whether it’s a rose symbolizing love and passion, or a lotus representing enlightenment and purity, there’s a flower out there for you.

Small star chest tattoo

Small star chest tattoo by @kathy_tattoo

The small star tattoo on the chest looks like jewelry because of its shiny look. Stars have long been a symbol of guidance and hope, bringing positive energy during times of uncertainty.

With its simplicity and elegance, a star chest tattoo is a beautiful piece of art that can add a touch of sparkle to your body.

Angel number tattoo

888 number tattoo by @cassluitats

Angel numbers are believed to be messages from angels, and people often experience seeing them in dreams or during important moments in life.

Common angel numbers include 1111 and 333, symbolizing spiritual awakening and harmony. 888 in this angel number tattoo represents prosperity and abundance, reflecting the wearer’s hope for a bright future.

Small cute carrot chest tattoo

Small cute carrot chest tattoo by @carrot.tattoo

Small devil between the boobs

Small devil by @nataszakura

Chest tattoos for women don’t always have to feature flowers, dots, and other traditionally feminine patterns. This tiny devil designed by @behemot_crta_stvari adds a touch of character and fun to the skin, accentuating the wearer’s cool side.

This tattoo is perfect for those who want to break away from the norms and express their uniqueness. It’s a bold statement that shows the wearer’s courage to embrace their edgier side.

Tiny butterfly chest tattoo

Tiny butterfly chest tattoo for women by @arona_tattoo

Tiny star symbol

Tiny star symbol chest tattoo by @pavlik.tattoo

One of the reasons why chest tattoos are popular among women is their low visibility. Typically placed below the collar line, these tattoos can be easily covered up, making them versatile for different settings.

Middle chest lotus tattoo

Middle chest lotus tattoo by @agi_tattoo

Lotus tattoos are considered sacred because of their deep meanings in Buddhism and Hinduism. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters and emerges above the surface uncontaminated when it blooms. This gives lotus tattoos a powerful symbolism of purity and strength.

Tiny red heart chest tattoo

Tiny red heart chest tattoo by @jooa_tattoo

When it comes to small and cute tattoos, hearts are often one of the first designs that come to mind. While a heart tattoo in the center area of the chest is certainly dainty andaorable, placing it on one side can add a sense of light-heartedness.

A small heart tattoo on the chest can symbolize love, passion, and the importance of following your heart. Whether you opt for a simple outline or a more intricate design, a heart tattoo on the chest is a sweet and meaningful way to express yourself.

Anatomical heart middle chest tattoo

Anatomical heart middle chest tattoo by @blackdroppar

Anatomical heart tattoos are different from traditional heart shape tattoos as they have more intricate details and can feel more complex and elaborate.

Because of its precise depiction of the organ, this type of tattoo is often associated with life and health, representing the wearer’s awareness of the preciousness of life.

A small drop of water

Small drop of water by @romanordtattoo

Tiny snake chest tattoo

Small snake center chest tattoo by @yigitisil

Snake tattoos are such cool adornments on the skin. The natural badassness makes them one of the most beloved motifs among women.

In many snake tattoo designs, the snake’s body is often depicted as curling or coiling, giving the tattoo a sense of elegance and femininity. Whether you prefer a realistic or stylized snake tattoo, this motif can be a powerful statement on the chest, adding a touch of edginess to your overall look.

Golden star middle chest tattoo

Golden star middle chest tattoo for women by @chou_ta_1

Small between-the-boobs flower

Small between the boobs flower tattoo by @agataris

It’s true that intricate realism flower tattoos are pleasing to the eye. But a simple flower like this one has its own charm that works for minimalists.


Word and heart shape chest tattoo by @louccia

Tiny middle chest symbols

Tiny middle chest symbols by @studiomontes

These hand-poked symbols prove that a tattoo can stand out with its simplicity. Despite its size, the sleek black patterns make it pop on the skin.

Small flowers and petals

Small flowers chest tattoo by @miiu_tattoo

Unlike most chest tattoos that are placed either in the middle or on the side, this one goes along the collarbone all the way to the shoulder. And because of that, you can almost feel the wind that carries the petals away, adding a refreshing dynamic to this tattoo.

Small heart on the chest

Small heart on the chest tattoo by @janapadar

Placing a heart tattoo on the heart chakra adds more profound meaning to the design. It becomes a heartfelt and personal statement, particularly suitable for those who embrace their emotions as a part of their identity.

Tiny smiley face chest tattoo

Tiny smiley face chest tattoo by @dettolphin

This small smiley face tattoo proves that a good design doesn’t need to take up a large space. It stands out not only for its vibrant color but also as a reminder to stay positive amidst life’s challenges, reflecting the wearer’s bubbly personality.

Infinity feather tattoo on the chest

Infinity feather tattoo on the chest by @josie.tattoos

Feathers symbolize freedom and bravery. This feather infinity tattoo perfectly represents the wearer’s free-spirited personality.

The transition between purple and blue makes it stand out even more, giving the design a whimsical feeling.

Beautiful middle chest tattoos for women

The middle chest refers to the center part of the chest. Tattoos in this area are usually symmetrical, embodying a sense of balance and elegance. Regardless of their sizes, the placement makes them discreet and alluring.

Being so close to the heart chakra, the middle chest is also an ideal location for statement tattoos and those that carry a heartfelt message. So if you’re looking for a tattoo with both aesthetic appeal and personal significance, keep scrolling for more!

Bold purple flower chest tattoo

Bold purple flower chest tattoo by @chenjie.newtattoo

While a large flower tattoo may not be the most common choice, this particular design serves a special purpose. It is intended to cover up a scar located in the center of the wearer’s chest.

The flower’s blooming symbolizes the wearer’s intention to not only conceal the scar but also to use it as a source of inspiration for healing and growth.

Abstract flowers sternum to chest tattoo

Abstract flowers sternum to chest tattoo by @o___sim

Chest tattoos are not limited to the upper chest. In fact, designs like this one can extend to the sternum or even under the breasts. This provides tattoo artists with more creative freedom and can also draw attention to other areas of the body.

Dainty leaves between the boobs

Dainty leaves between the boobs by @tajonera_studio

Stunning butterfly jewelry tattoo

Stunning butterfly jewelry tattoo by @tattooist_siia

Butterfly tattoos are a common symbol representing transformation and change. However, when turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry, a butterfly tattoo can take on a fresh and luxurious look.

Black and white butterfly chest tattoo

Black and white butterfly chest tattoo by @xen_tattooist

This feminine butterfly chest tattoo offers a unique twist. The butterfly’s wings are split into black and white, reflecting the yin and yang concept. This innovative approach creates a sense of balance, which may be a core value of the wearer.

Crying heart

Crying heart middle chest tattoo by @glossy_future

Crystal lotus chest tattoo

Crystal lotus chest tattoo by @tattooist_siia

To add your own personal touch to a common tattoo design, consider applying a new texture to it. For example, this crystal lotus tattoo depicts transparency and shine, which requires skill and effort. However, the stunning results are well worth it.

Unique shoulder-to-chest tattoo

Unique shoulder to chest tattoo by @tattooist.pado

Floral moon chest tattoo

Floral moon chest tattoo by @handitrip

Moon tattoos often symbolize change and feminine energy. This particular tattoo showcases a floral wreath in the shape of a new moon, adding intricacy and femininity. The planets and stars scatteredaound represent the wearer’s imagination and adventurous spirit.

Elaborate spike chest tattoo

Elaborate spike chest tattoo by @ehae.ink

It’s commonly observed that most chest tattoos for women are soft and subtle. However, this design is an exception. The spikes radiating from the tattoo resemble sunlight, giving a cool and edgy vibe while maintaining sophistication.

Intricate peony chest tattoo

Intricate rose chest tattoo by @sara_qano

If you are considering a flower tattoo on the chest, why not choose your birth flower to make it more personal?

As the birth flower of November, peonies represent positivity, romance, and compassion. And because of the connection with the wearer, a birth flower tattoo like this is something that one will not regret.

Blackwork moon tattoo

Blackwork moon tattoo by @euni.mon

Oriental knot middle chest tattoo

Oriental knot middle chest tattoo by @hwyl.tattoo

It’s not easy to include multiple elements in a tattoo between the boobs as the space is limited. That’s why this is such an unexpected and elaborate design. And the way the tattooist incorporates the Chinese knots links the oriental tattoo to the wearer’s root, making it even more meaningful.

Ornamental butterfly middle chest tattoo

Ornamental butterfly middle chest tattoo by @360_tattoo

Simple leaves chest tattoo

Simple leaves chest tattoo by @eden_tattoo_

Botanical tattoos like this one from Tattooist Eden are never out of style for a reason. They are highly customizable, and you can put them almost anywhere on the body. On the other hand, leaves and flowers bring life to the skin, making it an inspiring growth tattoo.

Gorgeous jewelry chest tattoo

Gorgeous jewelry chest tattoo by @munsell_tattoo

It’s true that tattoos with such extensive coverage are not for everyone. However, if you are ready to make a statement about your personal style, this design can be what you are looking for.

Circle middle chest tattoo

Circle middle chest tattoo by @keirra.tattoos

Fish and the sun

Fish and the sun chest tattoo by @tattooist.pado

Fish are often associated with positive meanings across cultures. Some believe they will bring abundance and good luck, while others see them as a symbol of strength and flexibility.

They also make great tattoos because of the natural movements they have. Take this chest tattoo, for example. The way the fish swims towards the sun creates motion and makes the static design instantly alive.

Intricate fish chest tattoo

Intricate fish chest tattoo by @e.o.orient

Minimalist lines on the chest

Minimalist lines on the chest by @sea.blue_.dot

There’s nothing simpler than straight lines in a tattoo design. But simple doesn’t mean boring. The gradient color, the gaps, and the dots in between all make this line tattoo more attractive.

Simple ornaments on the chest

Simple ornaments on the chest by @jadejay.ink

Snake between the boobs

Snake between the boobs tattoo by @chalilofee

Striking full chest tattoo

Striking full chest tattoo by @__danykim

When you choose a full chest tattoo like this one, you are going for the visual impact. That’s why it’s important to consider both the coverage and the style.

Take this striking design, for example. The structured thorns make it a great choice for an edgy woman with a strong personality. However, if you prefer a softer and more feminine touch, natural elements such as vines, flowers, or waves may be more suitable for your taste.

Black and grey butterfly chest tattoo

Black and grey butterfly chest tattoo by @cocotattooer

Vintage daond chest tattoo

Vintage diamond chest tattoo for women by @munsell_tattoo

Dreamy whale chest tattoo

Dreamy whale chest tattoo by @tattooist_doy

As spirit animals, whales are often associated with wisdom, strength, and guidance, which makes them a relatable symbol for many people. This is why whale tattoos are pretty common.

However, a whale tattoo on such a large scale is undoubtedly rare. With the clouds in the background, this design is more of a daring piece of art than a simple tattoo.

Unique floral pattern

Unique floral pattern chest tattoo by @t.emmas_.ts

Watercolor flowers

Watercolor flowers chest tattoo for women

Feminine botanical underboob tattoo

Feminine botanical chest tattoo by @vanessa.core

Underboob tattoos have a unique charm as they complement the shape of the breast, adding allure and seduction. To balance out the sexiness, the tattooist uses botanical elements to create a natural and elegant look.

Sword and skull tattoo

Stunning sword and skull tattoo by @jiro_painter

Sword tattoos are often a symbol of strength and courage. With the blood dripping from the crown to the skull, this tattoo shows the wearer’s determination to conquer any life obstacles.

Elegant side chest tattoo ideas

Unlike the middle chest, side chest tattoos are typically placed on one side of the breast. They can be positionedaove, beside, or under the breast, offering various design possibilities.

And unlike middle chest tattoos, side chest tattoos for women are often asymmetrical, accentuating the silhouette. The design can also be extended to the collarbone or shoulder to enhance its visual impact.

Asymmetrical branch chest tattoo

Asymmetrical branch chest tattoo by @giuliinklab

Leaves and branches are not a new tattoo concept. However, what sets this design apart is the positioning of these elements. Each branch outlines the silhouette of the breasts, accentuating the wearer’s femininity while maintaining its overall simplicity.

Chest to shoulder bat tattoo

Chest to shoulder bat tattoo by @nona.ink

Elaborate flowers chest tattoo

Elaborate flowers chest tattoo by @tattooist_bae

Instead of placing right on the breast or below the collarbone, this side chest tattoo follows the bra line, making it even more alluring.

Elegant red roses on the side chest

Elegant red roses on the side chest tattoo by @miiu_tattoo

Rose tattoos are no doubt one of the most beloved options for women. They are tightly connected to love and romance, especially when in red. If you want to reveal the romantic and soft side of your personality, a design like this one will check the box.

Fascinating red daon chest and sleeve tattoo

Fascinating red dragon chest and sleeve tattoo by @tattoo__marka


From the chest all the way to the entire upper arm, this daon tattoo commands attention with its captivating colors and details. Such a tattoo will belong to a woman with a highly distinctive personal style who is unafraid to announce her perspectives and ambition.

Black and grey floral chest-to-shoulder tattoo

Black and grey floral chest to shoulder tattoo by @ela_fine_tattoo


Feminine daonfly chest tattoo

Feminine dragonfly chest tattoo by @_rony_tattoo

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